Welcome to a faster, better cloud. With powerful, turnkey IaaS solutions from ONYX, deploy your data center’s cloud in less than 2 hours—and get the value of a converged open source, standards-based system with built-in orchestration.


Deploy your cloud with ease—in 2 hours or less.

Until now, reaching the cloud meant difficult choices. Choose a proprietary system, and you’re locked into pricey equipment and licensing fees. Choose to build it yourself with an open source based solution, and you spend precious time and resources on system configuration and software integration. Either way, your cloud might take months to deploy, with hidden cost, capacity and performance issues to boot. Shouldn’t there be an easier way?


With ONYX, there is. ONYX delivers the only totally turnkey open source, standards-based system with built-in orchestration. No licensing fees. No pricey hardware. No parade of consultants. Just pure cloud performance that deploys in under 2 hours. It really is that easy.


And with ONYX, get savings. Cut IT staff requirements and maintenance time, with virtualized applications and servers that self-configure. Eliminate underutilized hardware, with a software-defined data center built to optimize capacity. Reduce your TCO, by drastically reducing cost/kW and moving your cloud from Capex to Opex.

Ready to reach the cloud? Get there faster, with ONYX.


TRIPLE your capacity for less than ONE-THIRD the cost  of traditional IaaS systems.

Your ONYX cloud computing solution begins with ElectraStack™ servers. Whether you plan to run a private or public cloud—regardless of the applications you’ll run for the number of VMs you require—ElectraStack’s modular design allows for fast, easy customization and limitless scalability.

Plus, ElectraStack solutions are fully autonomous. Your data center’s cloud is fully live in 2 hours or less—without pricey consultants, without extra staffing, and without any capacity limits whatsoever. Add storage and compute capacity as you need it—separately—with no need to sacrifice one for the other. What’s more, our uniquely configured network design ensures that the speed and performance of your data center remain constant no matter how you grow.

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Achieve optimum IaaS automation for OpenStack.

Get the EASIEST way to leverage OpenStack, and see your IaaS take flight.

All ElectraStack™ servers come with proprietary SYMPHONYX™ software built right in. SYMPHONYX™ takes IaaS orchestration to the next level, ensuring that everything about your cloud infrastructure integrates optimally and operates easily.

SYMPHONYX™ also ensures that no matter how your system is deployed— whether as a private or public cloud—applications and components seamlessly integrate for limitless compute and storage capacity and for flawless system performance.

Ready to reach the cloud? Get there faster, with ONYX.



Giving you total cloud confidence.

Our job doesn’t end when we install your system. As your cloud computing needs change, ONYX is ready to assist. Whether your support requirements are modest or mission critical, ONYX offers an entire suite of global support packages. From email-only support, to dedicated on-call service, to comprehensive NOC solutions—ONYX is prepared to keep your cloud moving.

Want to know more about system specifications? Download the brochure.

Instant Deployment

Reach the cloud in less than 2 hours.


Lowest Industry TCO

Get more done for less


Fully Autonomous

Because your IT people have better things to do.


Remarkably Simple

Plug it in & your cloud is up